The Waterbears Experience

Water bears are hassle free, require practically no effort to care for and are fascinating to observe and socialize with.

"Despite being under 0.5mm in size water bears have larger than life personalities"

- Andy Potter, PhD, water bears biological researcher.

The Microscope

Your gateway to Waterbears micro world.

Adjustable focus wheel for constant sharpness control Directional Adjustable light module containing 9 dimmable LED
Aluminium arm for comfort of use and a shiny esthetic appeal Working height adjustment
CMOS sensor: 2 Megapixel (MP) ensures high resolution digital imaging.
Includes USB adaptors for all PC and Android based mobile devices.
Magnifying Lens X250

Waterbears microscope covers are available in 4 different figures

Sam, Mindy, Joe and Alex.

Get started! observe your water bears on computer screen or your mobile device!

Lets Get Started
PC and mobile apps: View magnified video captures on any digital device and share them on your social network. Available for direct download on Waterbears website, Google Play and Apple Store.
Connect Waterbears digital microscope to your PC or mobile device
Activate your Waterbears culture
Expand your interest and research in water bears with additional experiment kits and accessories from our e-shop


Add to your Waterbears experience with accessories from our e-shop

Disposable Plastic Needle-Point Pipets
Draws approximately 1 mL Waterbears culture. Suitable for loading 10 µL or greater quantities Length, 10 cm. Pack of 25.
Aquarium, Plastic Culture Jar, 1/4 gal
Clear plastic container with lid. Ideal for your Waterbears cultures and for use as a micro animal aquarium.
Kids & Teachers TARDIGRADE Science Project Book
How to find tardigrades and observe them through a microscope. With 100 pictures and detailed explanations.