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New York A kickstarter campaign is being planned to crowd-fund the introduction of WATERBEARS as the world’s smallest household pet!

The creators of WATERBEARS are reaching out to journalists and editors to connect in planning the coverage of this newsworthy event, which moves forward with an idea Google recently failed to bring to market.

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Water bears, adorable microscopic animals resembling miniature bears, live in a drop of water.

These little creatures are incredibly lovable, wiggling, dancing, tumbling and gliding through their captivating aquatic universe. Despite being less that 0.5 microns in size, they are playful animals with unique personalities, cute little movements and the ability to live for hundreds, even thousands, of years!

These little bears are just as lovable as traditional pets, but until now, were only accessible and visible to marine biologists and scientists with specialized and expensive equipment. Though they are found all around the world, and probably even in our backyards, water bears are hard to obtain and difficult to extract from their natural environments.

That is about to change with the WATERBEARS launch!

Though Google’s water bears never made it to market, the creators of WATERBEARS are bringing these captivating creatures into the home as the world’s smallest pets.

For over a year, the WATERBEARS team has worked to engineer biological processes to isolate and breed large quantities of these microscopic bears and ensure their survival as they journey from the lab to homes around world. Test tubes act as temporary homes for the WATERBEARS, sustaining them for months or years, as they make their way to their new owners.

A powerful microscope, meticulously optimized to observe and enjoy WATERBEARS, unlocks the fascinating microscopic universe of these new pets.

The elegant and compact WATERBEARS Digital Microscope is easy to operate and fitted with one of four WATERBEARS figurines. It connects to PCs and handheld devices and provides high resolution magnification, color correction, and measurement; it allows owners to capture photos and videos of the bears as they prance and play in their underwater environments.

These little pets will hypnotize and enchant with their acrobatics and explorations. These previously unseen creatures will amaze as they interact with each other, nibble on algae and climb past underwater obstacles! Their antics can be continuously streamed to handheld devices or PCs so they can be observed throughout the day, shared with friends and always in sight of their owners.

Observing WATERBEARS is only half the fun! These mysterious creatures are also fun to experiment with. They have the ability to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme heat, radiation and even the vacuum of deep space. Owners can play with them to test out their magical powers. They can be frozen and “brought back to life.” They will survive even without food. Offering all the pleasures of a traditional pet, WATERBEARS are hassle free, take up almost no space and are practically indestructible!

Lovable little bears existing in a tiny petri dish, these micro-animals are ready to travel and about to capture the hearts of pet lovers everywhere!

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