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The natural world provides an unlimited supply of beautiful mysteries. Our lives are enriched by experiencing nature. A field of flowers. A colorful songbird. A breaching blue whale. We seek out adventures that take us to the peaks of mountains and to the middle of vast seas. These places make up our earth which we can see, and the organisms that live there make each place unique. But, what about the world that we can not see? The microscopic world that's right in front of us but invisible from our view. Imagine being able to navigate your own submersible vessel into this unknown world where a single rock becomes its own ecosystem.

One of the most interesting, charismatic and well adapted animals of the microscopic world is the tardigrade. Also known as waterbears, tardigrades are masters of survival in ever changing environments. Tardigrades can go intoa state known as cryptobiosis, which is similar to a deep deep hibernation. During cryptobiosis tardigrades can withstand extreme conditions that would kill any other organism. Tardigrades have even survived a trip into thevacuum of space.

We would like to bring the ability to view the marvelous microscopic world to everyone. We have developed an inexpensive, user friendly and high quality digital microscope platform that will open up the microscopic world to anyone interested. We have chosen one of the most interesting animals on our planet to begin this interesting journey, the waterbear. We look forward to fostering discover, education and fun through our products and information provided on our website.

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